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Let the Green Paper Monster Stamp Your (Access) Passport to Paperless Forms Processes 

Your hospital has invested a lot of time and money in ‘paperless’ systems. And yet gaps in data accessibility, mobility and security still exist if you’re printing and scanning ANY forms or using a limited e-forms product. The reality is, you’re probably not truly paperless.

Luckily, help is at hand. Access Passport is a web-based forms solution that removes ALL paper from your forms processes — making them completely electronic from start to finish. We’ve worked with hospitals for more than 15 years to find out how we can solve their pain points, and this is the result. Without printing or scanning, your clinical and administrative staff can now get rid of the rest of the paper and:

  • Access e-forms easily from any device + location
  • Collect information on e-forms in record time
  • Capture patient + other signatures digitally
  • Automate workflow with dynamic e-forms data
  • Deliver data to the people + systems that need it

All with one web-based solution that’s easy to use and manage, and delivers rapid ROI.

Get on the Path to Reduced Costs + Paperless Routines + Complete EHRs
Let our mascot, the Green Paper Monster (hey, it’s better than your high school mascot, right?) stamp your passport to the real-world destinations of reduced costs, paper-free routines and complete EHRs.

While at HIMSS14, stop by the Access booth (#5175) to see Passport in action and ask the green furry guy about his interesting paper-eating habits. You can also click here to learn more.

Disclaimer: No Green Paper Monsters were harmed in the making of this site. He did, however, try to eat four of our staff members when we ran out of paper to feed him.